winston churchill

The MSNBC host said the Florida governor seems to have an anger management issue.
The Florida governor's speech didn't go over very well on Twitter.
Even before the jumpsuit made its comeback, babies and toddlers weren't the only ones rocking one-piece outfits.
For the first time, a sitting U.S. president tries to convince voters to not believe results clearly showing he lost.
The Fox News host likened Trump's illness to Churchill in World War II in his latest fawning monologue.
President Donald Trump told a rally crowd he misled Americans about the coronavirus pandemic to avoid panic and compared his leadership to Winston Churchill during World War II.
The president received a near-instant fact-check after likening his coronavirus leadership to the late British prime minister's wartime comments.
Hours after Kayleigh McEnany defended President Donald Trump’s church photo-op, Anderson Cooper shot back at the White House press secretary.
The CNN host thoroughly debunked the White House press secretary's claim.
The Fox News personality even played an excerpt from Winston Churchill's famous "blood, toil, tears and sweat," speech.