winter coats

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As someone who travels a lot, I can say with zero authority, but 100% certainty, that these are literally the most useful travel items ever made, since the beginning of time.
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Today, let's discuss our coats. Specifically that back vent where the two panels of fabric open up. Hey, style-conscious
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Boys today, it seems, are made with the kinds of legs that don't get cold. They wear shorts (my son included) on even the coldest of days. To be fair, they are also wearing high socks, so technically, only their knees are exposed to the frigid temperatures, but still.
Our winter dressing M.O. goes something like this: stay warm. That's it. While we certainly couldn't live without boots or
'Tis the season when your outer layer dictates your first impression. With an onslaught of new styles this season, it's hard to know which one is right for you. So we took the guesswork out of the equation.
Cold air, you sly fox, where did you come from and can you please bring back the pleasantly temperate season of fall? This
There are tons of fall and winter trends every season and -- let's be honest -- they can be overwhelming. Not only do they
OK, we admit it: Our online shopping baskets are almost NEVER empty in the winter. Winter coats are a crucial wardrobe staple
Even after centuries, retail is reinventing itself. But changes are not just with the technology to foster and promote e-commerce; some entrepreneurs are rethinking products themselves, and in the process are figuring out how to make them better, more durable, and more reliable.
There's no reason to shy away from light-colored pieces during the winter months! In cool, winter silhouettes perfect for layering and sharp new shades, pastels are a fresh alternative for frosty temps.
On a brisk, wintry day, your outerwear is the first thing everyone sees -- so why not make a statement? This season, even classic silhouettes are seeing a seasonal refresh.
I've found true love. My new boyfriend is dark, sleek, and zippers up the middle, just the way I like it. He doesn't need conversation or dinner. What's more he's Canadian and exotic. Just whisper his name 'Canada Goose' and I get going.
In the market for a new coat this winter? We're loving an oversized coat, one with a dramatic menswear feel that wraps us
Autumn is in full swing and gearing up for winter I'm shopping around for more than one coat to fit into my fall fashion schedule.