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From “Ghostbusters” and “Gremlins” to “Alien" and "Jaws.
Wired magazine found infighting and incompetence at the social media giant.
The latest news about employment opportunities offers a comeuppance to those who enjoyed a bit of “schadenfreude" in the
The ability to create innovative products is essential for improved living. One of the most compelling challenges we face is malaria. About 3.4 billion people - half the world's population - are at risk of malaria.
7. "25 Reasons the NSA Should Hire Buzzfeed Staffers" After Nicole debunks Henry's Buzzfeed logic, he must chose between
I've been endlessly inspired by Kevin. And it wouldn't be fair not to mentioned his very early beginnings where he spent
The police raid came hours after Wired magazine and Gizmodo published articles saying that their investigations showed Wright, who they said was an Australian academic, was probably the secretive bitcoin creator.
Buyers can take their merchandise once they identify themselves via some unique codes (numeric, eye or finger print), and buyers can press a button to send the drones back to their point of origin. Think of this as an electronic version of Harry Potter's owl, Hedwig.
We spoke to the co-founders of the popular magazine. Here's the wisdom they shared with us.
There are some interesting technologies available (and on the horizon) that might provide a solution to the problems related to physically distributing products. In particular, drones and 3-D printers hold a lot of promise in the not so distant future.