'Just Kids' comes complete with parental controls.
Commissioner O'Reilly, December 7, 2016 There are other groups on the letter, but I've run out of patience to finish this
Here is the Verizon announcement. Pricing - Verizon will use the pricing for its wireless service -where the customer is
And that's it. There is no plan for 100% of Boston; no schedule, no agreement to continue to other areas to offer the fiber
And what we're about to expose is that the FCC's rules have run amok. Combined with a failure of the FCC and state commissions
"Overage charges, already at record highs, are up yet again, according to a survey conducted by Cowen & Co. "Nearly one in
There were a variety of announcements throughout the keynote, by Zuckerberg and other Oculus executives, but the takeaway was simple: Oculus intends to build the Metaverse.
CWA's filing states: And 'lowering rates' is NOT going to bring more wireline fiber optic broadband, especially since the
This is an excerpt from the 2015 Verizon New York annual report filed with the NY State Public Service Commission. Neither
Ironically, over 20 years ago, Verizon claimed it was going to deploy 330,000 lines of fiber optics and would start in many