wishful drinking

Stevens went on to say that he didn't change a frame in the doc since the legends' deaths. "We were shocked and devastated
Maybe I shouldn't have given the guy who pumped my stomach my phone number.... Thankfully, for us, she bounced back. Just
"[People] would have to say things like, 'You look really healthy.' I would just waste half my life going, 'I do not look
"My memory is lousy," she says, joking, "I can't tell which part of that is age, which is LSD and which is ECT." It's a good line -- is it going to become part of her one-woman show, Wishful Drinking?
What can you say about Carrie Fisher that she hasn't said about herself? Few have achieved the iconic status of this broad and even fewer have her wit.
If my life wasn't funny, it would just be true, and that's unacceptable, so I talk about being an addict, being manic depressive, being left by a man for a man, or how I like to think of it, as me having turned him gay.
she's at war with the producer of her hit Broadway show, "Wishful Drinking," The Post has learned. The feud, which could
Carrie Fisher has been called a lot of things in her life: an actress; an author; a wife (twice); an alcoholic; bipolar; the Princess of Alderaan; and a product of Hollywood inbreeding.
"She wants the lights dimmed," said the manager of the Barnes & Noble on West 66th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. And
Carrie Fisher appeared on Today to promote her new memoir "Wishful Drinking," which reveals some of the demons she battled