witch hunt

The ex-president aired familiar gripes to decry reports that the Manhattan DA has convened a grand jury to hear evidence against the Trump Organization.
The Fox News host hit key Trump buzzwords -- "rigged," "witch hunt," "corrupt," "phony" -- and more.
The Trump campaign T-shirts "make no f**king sense," said the host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight."
The Department Of Justice is starting its own criminal investigation into how it handle the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.
"It’s sad when you see #wirch trend and know immediately it’s the President of the United States tweeting," one person tweeted.
"Only Ben Carson knows what this guy's talking about."
That assessment pits Cobb against his former boss, President Donald Trump.
The South Carolina senator was responding to a protester demanding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh take a polygraph test.
It’s reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested he secretly recorded President Trump to prove that he is unfit to hold office.