The Lassen Pack is now up to at least seven, according to state wildlife officials.
A cave lion cub and a massive mammoth's foot also were recently found in melting permafrost.
Commitment to red wolf recovery means releasing captive-bred red wolves into the wild. It means managing coyotes in the recovery
Originally from New Mexico, Littlewolf is part Chiricahua Mescalero Apache and part Sicilian -- "not a good combination," she
Miley seemed to fall in love with all the sights and creatures we saw, and we all had great fun learning and singing -- loudly -- some Native songs. Several times during our trip, Miley told us it was the best day of her life. For a gal who's been around the world, that's saying something.
Prior to 2011 there had been no gray wolves in California since the last one was killed in 1924.
A wolf has been killed due to repeated human error at one state's zoo and people are outraged. Read more on The Dodo
By the time August rolls around he'll start adding some progressively longer runs each weekend to build up his endurance. He's hoping to run like a wolf tracking its prey over long distances: calm, easy, and patient until the end.
In fact, depending on whether you live and/or work and/or run a business in my city, you might be paying as many as 44 different taxes, fees and tariffs every single year -- maybe more!
A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology suggests that the ability of humans to domesticate dogs may have its origins in the innate social skills of wolves.
Sophiensæle's eleven day performance marathon, Tanztage Berlin 2015, brought the city's unrestrained attitude about sex and the human body into a (re)volutionary movement.
Obstacles to this basic need to roam, such as human development, can provide formidable threats to long-term survival of many species. For the large carnivores, it's not just about losing the freedom to move, it's about losing a natural process.
Her goal is to help you create wellness in order to prevent illness in the lives of your pets. This proactive approach seeks
The rest of us don't need to have absolutes declared about nature. Is the predator absolutely the big force, or is the vegetation absolutely the big force? Wait a minute, maybe the hippos are the big force?
Protected since 1973 under the Endangered Species Act, Michigan wolves were delisted at the start of 2012. By the end of that year, Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation declaring them fair game for hunting. Why? Because... Well, that's a tough question to answer.
Darwin was right about many things, including the mechanism by which the plenitude of life we know as biodiversity came to thrive on this planet. Unfortunately for us, his picture has hit a big roadblock.