Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

An unknown child reacted to a performance of Mozart by blurting out "WOW!" at the end of one composition.
Judges said cheese exposed to hip hop had the best smell and taste, compared to those exposed to Mozart or Led Zeppelin.
Photo of Mozart statue courtesy Tourismus Salzburg In a room illuminated by candlelight, two singers, garbed in the costumes
Whether in his definitive biography of Ives, his meditation on Brahms or in this most recent offering, Swafford gets to the core of the man and deep inside the music.
So far this season at the Met I have seen three sensational shows, The Marriage of Figaro, The Death of Klinghoffer and most recently Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk.
Beyond the nonstop stream of colorful images, what I admired was an impressive group of artists, many of whom were making their WNO debut in this beloved Mozart work.
And if that is not enough to keep our collective eyebrows raised, Pope Francis revealed that among his favorite artists is
It came as no surprise that radio host/author May Pang would choose John's solo tune "Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox
I've never before said a final goodbye to a piece of music, but just before Christmas I packed up two enormous suitcases of quartet music and took it to my basement storage bin. It was a strange sensation, somewhat ghoulish, like burying one's self alive.
No, Bachar's musical tastes, brought to light by the e-mails of his iTunes account, do not seem to include Mozart: whilst