woman artists

Artist Aleah Chapin tackles gender, aging and what it means to be in a body.
Lina Iris Viktor's sculptural canvases are a doorway into the universe beyond our planet.
Inspired by comic books, science fiction, horror movies, early video games and computer graphics, artist Jess Johnson imagines a psychedelic world outside of our cell phones.
Frida Kahlo is having a moment. Equal parts art-world underdog, feminist icon and object of kitsch, Kahlo's legacy seems
Left: Self-Portrait (1923) Right: Una, Lady Troubridge (1924) Left:James MacNeill Whistler, At the Piano (1858–1859), Right
Through my lenses for traditional art, I have been researching how regional art forms have emerged over centuries and how undiscovered talents in remote villages do extraordinary creativity in their native art form.
9. Margaret Salmon (born 1975, New York) toys with cinematic tradition in her work, from post-war realist film to French
Paula Modersohn-Becker: The First Modern Woman Artist, by Diane Radycki, relates the personal story and artistic history of a woman that has much to offer today's audiences.