woman president

“If I have my way, there will be a woman on the ticket,” Booker said.
I brought a picture of my mother along with me, the one of her working her first job when she was 14 years old.
And so it is that the moment is now upon us -- what was once thought of as impenetrable is now crystal clear. Young girls and boys, older girls and boys will remember this date when Hillary Rodham Clinton stood on the verge of hearing...Madame President.
My mother wanted to go to college and be a social worker. She was even accepted at Simmons College. But shortly before she
I was chatting with a man I just met when the topic of politics came up. “I’ll be voting for Hillary,” he informed me confidently
Trump certainly has assets as well, primarily his ability to cultivate dissatisfaction with America's current direction. But in terms of getting actual votes on November 8, his strengths do not compare with those of Clinton. She will win.
Her shirt was pulled from Walmart in 1995 because it offended "family values."
Until there is more gender balance among leading roles in entertainment, government and corporate leadership, our sons and daughters will continue to believe the stereotypes perpetuated in the news,  media, and their everyday lives.