womans health

I had a breakdown one day as someone complained about being pregnant on Facebook for the 239,847th time.
People see my before/after pics and they're supposed to think, "Wow, what a transformation. I'm gonna hire her to get me to that place." But the whole thing somehow seems wrong to me. Because I don't quite buy the whole before and after transformation...
Respect Your Struggle believes that in life there is room for failure. You don't have to be afraid of being different. You don't always have to be strong. You are not alone in your suffering, and despite the struggles that you face, your life is deserving of its best chance.
When I let go of the number on the scale, my mind started to relax and my body began to open in ways I had never experienced. The way I feel determines the weight of my worth. The number of my weight has no significance any longer.
I'm still absorbing the impact and distilling the multitude of details that became the focus of last year. I'm still growing my eyelashes back (nature is funny like that), and there are a couple of fun-filled appointments with my plastic surgeon in the near future.