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We've heard from so many older women who have negative feelings about technology. They see their grandchildren constantly
70Candles! Women Thriving in Their 8th Decade by Jane Giddan and Ellen Cole is available from Taos Institute Publications
Ellen, the oldest panel member at age 75, shared several of her personal experiences with ageism. In a recent medical visit
Connections of all kinds are made at each and every 70Candles! Gathering; some are completely unexpected. Women arrive at these groups, curious about what might lie ahead and eager to share their thoughts. They leave animated, inspired, thoughtful, and often, hopeful.
I grew up in a big city with a bus stop and a subway station right at the corner. No need for a car to get around town; but transportation is another matter today. Now living in the suburbs, my auto is indispensable. Bus routes are limited and stops are usually distant from suburban homes. Newer rapid transit still requires means of access.
Keeping healthy is an excellent goal, but alas we have no control over some things. My hearing is waning. A ironic blow to
Jane Giddan and Ellen Cole are authors of 70Candles! Women Thriving in Their 8th Decade, available at taosinstitute.net/70candles
But he likes to cook all and keep cupboards bare. What an interesting match is this. Keep the room chilly, then she'll wear
While our teenage grandchildren yearn to acquire that coveted driver's license, we oldsters cling to our auto independence as long as possible. We are careful drivers ... accounting for fewer accidents than those teens, but we know our driving days are numbered.
Those of us who start the new year with lists of resolutions should make the mirror #1. To see what is there and what isn't. To see what makes us think, 'What the f**k?' and to also see what gives us strength and what soothes us.
There I was, at a beautiful cocktail party, in a home with white marble floors and walls. The sunken living room, surrounded
Don't get me wrong. 'Aging gracefully' is lovely. In a quiet, refined, elegant kind of way. Which is great, if that's 'You.' But it's definitely not 'Me.' I was never particularly graceful when I was younger. So, why would I suddenly become that way as I age?
Age is in the air -- and most people don't like it, though some try to pretend otherwise. It's easy when it's on screen, like the two successful and charming 'Best Marigold Hotel' feel-good movies that are tinted with vibrant and forgiving colors that block out the cruel march of time.
Soon we'll be a year older, and then another and another on the inexorable march from young to old to dead. If we no longer have a job and want one, our business card may say "consultant,'' this generation's euphemism for unemployed.
A lot of women (and men, for that matter) panic when it comes to aging, but these celebrities prove it's actually much more
[H/T @sphericalfruit via Sociological Images] However, Diaz and Cruz look like poreless, plastic dolls. (Spoiler alert: These
Oprah says she understands the fear that a lot of women have about aging. "But I think that I am blessed because not only
The lie we all need to stop believing about aging
While gender differences have narrowed in so many ways, when it comes to hair loss, the gap remains wide. A clean-shaven head may be commonplace among men, but it continues to be a rare and complicated choice for everyday women. Why is that?