Women and Advertising

I recently started a new job with a publication geared to grandparents. Did you know the average age of a grandparent is now 48? I was a bit surprised, but not nearly as surprised as I was when I found out how little marketers care about anyone over 48.
Despite the fact that three act structures are out of fashion these days, my second act--my current career as a composer and my life as a man and father--clearly represents my mother's third, and final act.
Regardless, it's especially baffling when you consider how advertising has never shied away from a juicy before-and-after
According to the National Women's Liberation website, the group hopes the sticker will raise public consciousness surrounding
"By sharing our stories, we can reframe the way periods are talked about and eliminate the shame that often accompanies them
The message behind the campaign is an important one: Women (and men) should work to break down gender-based barriers. After
For almost a full year, I was in an amazing relationship -- with my career. We had tremendous respect for each other, the perfect amount of give and take. The near perfect year of my advertising career was the year I worked as a freelancer.
Curel ad, 2002 Often, when images of women's bodies are used to sell products -- from cars and candy to children's toys -- it's
Are your biggest "flaws" really just some of the beauty industry's greatest marketing successes?