women and sports

"Even though I was fighting to end homophobia, I realized the root of homophobia was sexism."
This one goes out to every lady who still has trouble putting on her $1.99 CVS eyeliner. Here are 17 things every former
Launched in March 2015, the larger "Who Will You Be?" campaign explores the decisions athletes make on a daily basis when
With MLB Opening Day less than a month away, it's every baseball fans favorite time of year. The time when every single team in the game still has a shot at being the best. As a woman who's loved the sport my entire life, I've noticed some differences between the sexes when it comes to the game.
There's no question that men outnumber women throughout the media landscape. According to a census report by the American
What should women do when they find they are not being taken seriously because they are women? I would suggest for them to keep speaking anyway.
Billie Jean King talks about the struggle for gay men to be openly gay while participating in pro sports.
Apparently so. The new data suggests that athletics' positive effects last even longer than we thought. “Not only do the
Here is the perception: female jockeys can’t ride. They’re too weak. They don’t have the fight in them. They can’t close
The ball is now in the court of a new generation of women who must guard these hard-won opportunities on the playing field and in classrooms, use them well and pass them on!