I have been so lucky to have spent close to two weeks housesitting for a lovely family. It's been so wonderful having two beautiful pets to play with and care for: a friendly ginger girl cat, and Pappi the Papillon.
In the wise words of Amy Poehler: "Fighting aging is like the War on Drugs. It's expensive, does more harm than good, and
Now when I see someone else with large or noticeable scars, I think about his or her spirit. I think about how he or she experienced something that was difficult or even traumatic, and survived and is now flourishing. To me, that's the most attractive quality any person can possibly possess -- unfailing optimism, power, courage, strength of mind. To me, a scar is a beauty mark.
"We are all beautiful." "Everyone is beautiful to somebody." It's cheerful stuff. It builds the self-esteem, makes people feel valued, and spreads joy and happiness across the Internet. It's also bullcrap.
Olivia Murphy. Fashion student, model. Cassia Tsura. Performer. "The whole point [of the series] is contrast between fashionable
To say a woman is ugly based on her appearance means you haven't really looked at her. It's ignorance. Beauty is more than meets the eye. It goes deeper than that. There are layers of beauty. Beauty is body, mind, heart, and soul.
"The conversation is as relevant and fresh today as it was 10 years ago," MacLeod said. "I believe we'll be doing [this campaign
If you were asked to name one thing you really love about your body, what would your initial reaction be? And would it be
[H/T Feministing] This is the headline that ran on a story published this morning about the video for "Pretty Hurts," a song
My little hiatus from shaving has been awesome. I've learned some new things about myself, engaged in some substantial, thoughtful dialogue with many peers, and got to play around with some social norms.
I remember hating my face and hating my skin and looking at all the girls around me in middle school and on TV and in ads and feeling like I was a monstrosity in comparison. I think makeup can be empowering, but acknowledging that it isn't natural is important.
What they all have in common is that they are professional athletes at their physical peak. During his interviews, Schatz
Beautiful was a word that I'd heard so many times -- flung from girl to girl in some shallow exchange of words that was rarely ever meant -- that it lost all meaning to me. Beautiful is a bound-up, broken word in a culture that matches it against thigh sizes and blemish-free skin.
To her credit, lulzmolly still has the jacket and found the whole thing more hilarious than insulting. She even bought a
Ever wondered when and why two-piece swimsuits and stiletto heels became so ubiquitous? Turns out the history of women's
Every woman on this planet is a real woman. There is not one single "type" that is better or womanlier than another. There is not one woman who holds the title of supreme, but... real? Real is what we all are.
Makin’ it (at) Work: Flower Power Accept negative thoughts and feelings for what they are-just thoughts and feelings (like
At a party in some guy’s apartment, I sat next to a girl who would sleep with just about every boy I slept with. She was
My feelings about makeup shifted when I was at my worst. I went from approaching makeup as something almost businesslike to something desperate.
We've all had those days. You look in the mirror, and you're so focused on what you don't like about your body that you forget