women breadwinners

"Study after study has shown that when men make less than women, women generally don't want to marry them."
This article originally appeared on Modernae.com By Erin Quinn-Kong According to a 2013 report from the Pew Research Center
That said, when men are the primary breadwinners and bring home more than 70 percent of a couple's income, the odds of them
The reality today is still not perfect, but we can learn from the progress we have experienced to start moving forward in a new way. Maybe leadership is about breaking some rules and capitalizing on your unique strengths?
We've been through changes a million and one times, but it still doesn't feel simple. With every change we find ourselves gripping the bar ahead of us on the roller coaster of life. What will be at the top of this hill? Will I make it over and around, upside down and finally to the end without throwing up or giving up?
I think it's appropriate this Mother's Day to give a special thanks for the hard work that working mothers do every day, both outside of the home and for their families, too.
When we give impoverished women a place at the global table of economic development, we take a firm stand in decreasing rates of child mortality and fostering health and prosperity in the developing world. This is something that is well worth celebrating on Mother's Day and supporting all year round.
It's not enough to show women in their advertisements; the next step is for financial services firms to effectively engage women with products and services tailored to their needs and desires.
These days, husbands and wives are closer than ever before, more respectful and more compatible. If people are less in lust, but more compatible in love, can we tolerate this trade-off?