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Researchers are only starting to consider how sexual harassment keeps women down.
The president's daughter spoke about Dreamers the day after the White House insisted on a border wall and immigration limits as part of a deal on the issue.
Seriously. I am getting so old (or the news is getting so bad) that the mere act of reading the newspaper causes me to hear my blood pressure. Literally. The other day I was reading about EpiPen and it sounded like the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational in my head.
I'm a strong leader today because I surround myself with people who do the right thing, and whom I admire for both the results
Perhaps if our male dominated industries, governments and organizations had a better understanding of just what it is the
Like many entrepreneurs, my business was born out of a passion; thus, I have always treated my business much like a parent treats a child. I have sleepless nights worrying about it's well-being, I miss meals in an effort to make sure it stays well-nourished, I research the best partnerships and projects to ensure it has a bright future. And while the building of a brand has always kept me busy, it has also always kept me incredibly fulfilled -- just like parenting.
Black women face a different kind of challenge when in the workforce than other women. The road is not always paved for success and comfort.
In an amazing country where we had recently made history by electing our very first African American president it was unfathomable as to why there was such a small number of African American CEOs at Fortune 500 Companies.