women drinking

New report shows that in the U.S. the drinking gender gap is closing.
There is certainly a culture that needs changing, but scolding college women for drinking beer at a kegger is not the way to do it.
There's a lot that can be said for alcohol. Moderate drinking has been shown to have some pretty significant potential health
I still have an occasional glass of wine or a cocktail with someone close to me, someone who understands what I've dealt with, but now that ordering a drink is not a given, I think about whether I really want it. Usually, I'd rather eat ice cream.
I'm running out of tolerance for activists who keep screaming "fire" in a crowded theater. We need to do something constructive to address one of the most important public policy issues we continue to grapple with: eradicating rape.
What moved me to write this post, however, was more serious, particularly the Grub Street's observation that the "real distinction
However, this binge drinking trend did not translate over to western Europe or Australia, PsychCentral reported. That could
That more women are drinking, yes--more than 48 percent acknowledge having had at least one drink in the past month (up from