Women Empowerment

My job is not to crush them. To help them preserve their ME, to nurture their ideas, to witness their feelings and create
Shining a Light on Stock Options "Gender discrimination in the issuance of stock options seems to be bubbling under the surface
Kaufman Music Center's Luna Lab is not alone in providing young female composers a pathway. Since 2013, the organization
Micah Weinberg, President of Bay Area Council Economic Institute, shared that "I have to affirmatively remember to mentor
I posted this question on social media, was 2016 the year for Nigerian women and girls? Andrew Alli, President of the Africa
It works by blending elements of hands-off analysis with hands-on intervention to help communities change themselves from
Getting there takes champions - leaders who aren't afraid to challenge the status quo. While UN goodwill ambassador Emma
Going forward, we must remain in partnership with the rest of the world. Global challenges such as climate change will only
Anjou Ahlborn Kay representing at WED 2015 Its been noted that companies with women on their boards are 30% more profitable
Tumaini has been able to channel her empathy and understanding, using the confidence and leadership skills she gained through
Who created this beauty sickness? #theglobalconversation Start by answering our questions using social media with the hashtag
This is not a political endorsement for Hillary Clinton, but a political endorsement for the women that came before her to make it possible for a female to walk the hallowed halls of the White House and be called, "Madam President."
If only we could garner positive energy and use it to help, influence, inspire, learn from other women, and imagine how beautiful all social media platforms would be.
If we wish to see progression in our surroundings we have to not only elevate ourselves but support the elevation of all things, including our closest acquaintances.
Susan Webster was the first woman to become corporate partner at my law firm. She was obviously a sharp lawyer to be able
Purva: When I describe Lily to women and they tell me they can't wait to use it. You always want to make something people
Everywhere you look, we are in prominent positions of leadership -- from technology startups in Silicon Valley, to executives at global corporations, to the Democratic nominee for President of the United States -- we are here.
Diversity isn't just a social imperative; it's a good business decision. Studies have shown that companies with gender diverse executives are 15% more likely to have financial returns greater than average; companies which achieve ethnically diverse C-suites often see even better performances.