Women Empowerment

For me, self care is my gateway to self love. How I commit my time and energy is in a direct relationship with how I feel
Shining a Light on Stock Options Recent research has noted that stock-based pay is often one of the biggest, yet least-public
It's clear that this issue is deeply rooted and its prevalence widespread. So, it's time to change the tune and do our part
Morgan Stanley's Return to Work program earned the spotlight at the forum on Friday. The 12 week long internship program
President Buhari's Comment about Women. To date, President Buhari is yet to apologize for his comments in Germany where he
Phyll is, in other words, a city girl, but she knew enough about the countryside to recognize a bogus number when she heard
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the shining example of a contemporary male political leader who has demonstrated
Our continent has made significant strides in expanding access to education and better health care. In order to shelter our
There are 11.3 million women whom own businesses that generate $1.6 trillion in annual revenue and employ nearly 9 million
Our partner AfricAid is helping shape girls into empowered young leaders in Tanzania. Empowered enough to plan their families