women farmers

It's focusing on supporting women farmers who in some regions make up the majority of those who grow food.
“It wasn’t until I saw the absence of men that I challenged my own stereotypes."
"If you empower the woman, you feed the family."
This reality show drama is actually worth watching. Preparing to film its fifth season, Oxfam Tanzania’s series about women
Every stance that men take in the fight for gender equality is critical. But there is one particular group of women who remain the most marginalised: rural women, especially women farmers. We need to take "HeforShe" to the farm.
But it’s not just land ownership that women farmers are getting excluded from. Now that more men in rural areas are taking
I was told recently, point blank, that "agriculture is a man's world." And I will freely admit that my first reaction was not a very pleasant one. Yes, it made me angry. Very angry.
If you saw Aqwalina's lush farm today, you would be shocked to learn that it was basically barren just a couple of years ago. But when her abusive husband abandoned the family, she turned a challenging situation into a new opportunity.
Women farmers: The backbone of smallholder agriculture. They grow 60-80 percent of the food in developing countries yet own less than 1 percent of the Earth's land.
Would you make a special effort to buy food raised by veterans?