women helping women

"We are more powerful when we empower each other."
Is hell what women deserve for not helping other women? Not so fast... the blame also lies with men; particularly when it comes to reaching down and pulling up those looking to advance to the c-suite.
Facing eviction, one night I realized that I had to let go of my treasured possessions if I wanted to move forward. So the next day I visited a jeweler I'd met months before at a networking event. I'll never forget my 4-year-old happily admiring the bling, as I handed over my family´s history in exchange for cash.
As a woman entrepreneur, I'm making a different set of New Year's Resolutions this year. I've created a set of purposes that I think might also inspire other women in the workplace, so I am sharing these resolutions here to help challenge the status quo and push myself and other women to hold ourselves accountable.
November is Native American Indian Month. As we rev up for the first of seasonal festive Holidays - Thanksgiving - we may gratefully recall how much of this traditional feast - maize, corn, pumpkin, cranberries...- was introduced to our forebears by the original native population.
The HeForShe movement got me thinking about how women help other women, "she for she," the every day kind. Sometimes only a girlfriend will do. My mom showed me how to do this too, driving our elderly buxom neighbor to get special bras only available at a store faraway.
Nicole Feliciano is one of those women who has made hard choices in order to live her life more on purpose and in alignment with what she most deeply values -- and through doing so, she is inspiring so many other women to do the same.