women in college

"Unacceptable Acceptance Letters" show what schools might say if they were honest about sexual assault.
White men, who held the most power in society, could evoke change in a way that women and people of color simply could not. Clearly, things have changed since slavery. But gaps between race and gender still exist, privileging the white man over every other group.
That's why women have such an easy time getting into frat parties, bars, or clubs: we are thought of as being there for consumption.
We need to stop presenting college as a time when women can and should be getting perfect grades, have legendary social lives and universally satisfying sexual experiences and instead present it as a nuanced experience full of all kinds of emotional, psychological and academic experiences that are different for women.
To see the future of higher education, look to the less well-known schools that are educating large numbers of previously-marginalized students who are rapidly becoming the mainstream.
Women in college are more likely to binge drink than men according to a new study of Spanish university students published
Women are also more likely to say that college helped them grow "intellectually and personally." Half of all women who have