women in comedy

Comedian Phoebe Robinson stands up for herself.
Yeah, Trump's probably not going to like this very much.
To deal with everything from harassment and sexism to career advice, female comics have found a solution through private forums on Facebook.
Female comics are using private Facebook groups to warn each other about alleged abusers.
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The girls are comically fearless, which is one of the things that makes Broad City such a strong offering for female-driven
“Broad City” makes fart jokes woman-centric. It’s about time.
Rain Pryor is honest and hilarious about growing up black and Jewish.
It is no small accomplishment that Saudi-born Bangladeshi, Farhana Muna is burning up YouTube with her hilarious comedic characters based around Bangladeshi life and culture. In just four months, Muna, known online as "Munatic," has created a large Internet following.