women in gaming

This year's celebration of the best in video gaming only had one female judge on a panel of 32 people.
Female video game characters tend to look very similar: Huge breasts, tiny waists and curvy hips. Oh, and of course, little
I felt stripped of all the conventions that I'd come to rely on, especially as someone who always wrote in first person. Pulling a story out of me this way was like trying to give birth through your bellybutton -- just not going to happen.
"I was trying to evoke the fear and confusion that I remember feeling when I had this experience as a college freshman," Freeman
Among Nintendo's "diverse and interesting female protagonists" are a pink version of a toadstool and a pink version of a bomb, called Toadette and Bombette.
2014 was one of the most tumultuous years ever for women in gaming culture: Here's how we improve.
Game developer Brianna Wu has been fighting the good fight to end sexism in gaming -- and it appears that she has convinced