women in history

The people who make it past 100, who watch the most history unfold, are almost all women.
The legacies of pioneers like Rose Sneiderman, Willie Mae Thornton and Evelyn Witkin deserve to be remembered.
Many brave and dedicated deaf women have made invaluable contributions to modern society, despite the odds against them. This powerful minority group has fought against a culture that seeks to silence them-- constantly challenging people's assumptions of who deaf women are, and what they are supposed to be.
As a young girl sitting through history classes, I often wondered where were the women during all of that time? It was as though I was learning men's history. Where was women's history?
Unless you live under a rock and have never heard the answer to Beyonce’s infamous, “Who run the world?!” question, we’ll
IVP's ensemble cast does an admirable job of dramatically bringing to life the passion for flying of these women and the challenges of sexism (both in the military and at home) and being first in their field.
"The more research I do, the more I think there is an untold history of women," Gregory told The Guardian's Kate Kellaway
3. The "freedom" the workplace supposedly offers women sometimes doesn't feel so free at all. "How much independence is gained
March isn't just a month of odd weather and St. Patty's Day celebrations -- it's also (more importantly) Women's History