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Indian hair is in a complicated, often heartbreaking relationship with the women who own it. We talked to eight women about the importance of hairstyles and culture.
These designers translate themes like feminism, colorism and working-class pride into powerful imagery meant to provoke and subvert.
No senior State Department officials will accompany her to a business summit there.
“Society, people’s opinion or Bollywood celebrities should not dictate what we wear.”
“They don’t listen to me, cuz I have a vagina,” actress Kangana Ranaut sings.
Why is it that once an Indian girl turns 22-23 the word marriage has to be included in just about every conversation?
According to a study we conducted from 2013 to 2016, 70% of the 300 women and men we interviewed reported wanting a date
Millions of Indian men and women rely on online matrimonial sites to find a suitable match through arranged marriages. That’s
Michelle Mielly, Grenoble École de Management (GEM) and Nandita Sood Perret Social marketing in India has become increasingly
Anubha Yadav, University of Delhi “We see many films on male bonding, but hardly any on female bonding,” award-winning Indian
I saw a myriad of emotions there: laughter, freedom, pain sorrow, subjugation, greed, care, solidarity and finally, hope.
According to The Guardian, India is the worst place to be a woman. And, according to the media, India’s “poor and oppressed
“Women are deleted from public spaces during these festivals because of the fear of harassment.”
If you are a teacher, school official, or perhaps even a student or parent in California, you have probably heard about the controversy that has raged for a decade about how India and Hinduism are depicted in California's History lessons.