women in male dominated professions

I am a woman in a man's profession, and it's certainly time that the prevalence of societal sex-stereotyping is publicly addressed. We begrudgingly accept this level of misogyny and anti-family sentiment when it's subtle, constitutive and mixed with praise for being tough. After all, this is surgery. And surgeons are tough.
This week I interviewed Kelly Wright, Executive Vice President of Sales at Tableau. Since sales and technology are known to be male dominated fields, I was anxious to ask Kelly about her experiences. I found her story, her philosophies, and her work ethic to be inspiring and I can't wait to share them with you.
I manage employees, most of which are male and I am managed by males. I can faintly hear my feminist sisters in the background cheering for me, and I usually wear these facts like a badge of honor on my chest. I am proud of this, but if we are being honest, it is no walk in the park.
It seems challenging to fight these stereotypes head on and brave the way for future women, but the panelists at the S.H.E. summit had some advice on how to break out of "the box."
Former ABC News President David Westin joins HuffPost Live to talk about why there are so few women in newsrooms.
Between watching Homeland and Zero Dark Thirty, you could be forgiven for thinking our nation's defense and counterterrorism operations are run by rail thin, whip-smart blonde women and a cadre of loyal but less brilliant men.
The most successful companies -- both in terms of their culture and their ability to grow in the marketplace -- will be those that recognize the unprecedented and unstoppable power of women.Caves are places to hibernate. It's time to wake up.