women in military

By Karlijn Jans Schuurman: "We have to make sure that we attract the best and the brightest and get the best out of our people
WASHINGTON, May 17 (Reuters) - The House of Representatives stripped a requirement that women register for the military draft
"We're going to make sure our military remains the finest fighting force in the history of the world, worthy of all our patriots who serve -- men and women."
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Associated Press has learned that Defense Secretary Ash Carter will order the military to open all
Let's celebrate this great achievement of Captain Griest and Lieutenant Haver. Let's pull for the remaining third woman to complete Ranger School. And let's allow them to do their jobs, as members of a team, without the media attention. They already stand as incredible role models for young women everywhere.
"If there were any remaining questions about whether women could serve as combat leaders, those questions have been answered."
Most active-duty military spouse programs are still geared towards women. My fiancé will have no point of reference and no
IVP's ensemble cast does an admirable job of dramatically bringing to life the passion for flying of these women and the challenges of sexism (both in the military and at home) and being first in their field.
Doesn't the volume of documents only confirm the magnitude of sexual assault in the military? Why is the DoD opposing efforts to shed further light on military sexual violence, a necessary step to creating effective solutions?
Given the fact that military men and women sacrifice so much, I believe that all members of the military regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation deserve to be honored and respected. Sadly, black women of the U.S. army are being severely dishonored and disrespected by Army Regulation 670-1.