women in sport

Think about it. When was the last time that a guest of your company walked into your office and started talking about the failed "scoring" opportunity, the fake breasts and the fading looks of a highly ranked woman in your organization in front of her co-workers. Mad Men episodes do not count.
Scheer: ... and the swearing was not an indication ... Scheer: He was flushed out, but his college career was stellar and
I've dedicated my career, as a professional sport climber, to closing the achievement gap. I do this by seeking out ascents that have not been conquered by a female. Once complete, these accomplishments are tagged as a "First Female Ascent." It is my hope that this empowers and urges other women in our sport.
Sports takes you out of the skinny girl mentality, out of the sexual object category, and allows you to embrace yourself without self-consciousness and own who you are. That does not make us less of a woman. It makes us more.
I am not naive enough to think that new words can be spoken like magical incantations to suddenly change the culture and mentality that has long defined the NFL. However, old words will certainly guarantee the status quo.
The game is so old it predates recorded history -- the first games in recorded history date from 600 BC. The modern version we'd recognize in the west has its roots in northern India. This is where my love of polo really begins: with its rich, colorful and above all, long, history.
Being an active woman rarely involves looking picture-perfect -- and a new commercial shows that there's nothing wrong with
Are we spending adequate time and energy trying to understand women's specific needs? And are we designing our products and experiences to meet them?