Women In Sports

The former first lady spoke on the 50th anniversary of equal prize money at the U.S. Open, honoring tennis legend and equal pay advocate Billie Jean King.
Nouhaila Benzina wore a hijab on the pitch, a world first for such a senior female soccer player.
Black women created real change in what felt like a hopeless situation — and we should all be taking notes.
Stéphanie Frappart, Neuza Back and Karen Diaz are set to oversee Thursday's match between Costa Rica and Germany.
Racism and sexism span nearly every industry especially in professional sports. As women demand equal pay, the wage gap and player disparity debates continue in the WNBA.
New research suggests that a small schedule shift could change everything for women's sports — and it won't hurt men, either.
The tennis star has earned 23 Grand Slam singles titles, winning the U.S. Open six times and the Australian Open seven times.
ESPN has aired NCAA women’s tournament games on ABC for the past two seasons but not the title game.
The basketball star called out the women's basketball league, saying, "a head coach can get paid 4X the highest paid players super max contract."
The federation changes its rules after a fine against the Norwegian women's team for wearing shorts sparked an outcry.