Women in Technology

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the United State of Women Summit in Washington DC. The summit was hosted by the White House and featured the most unbelievable lineup of speakers (Warren Buffett, Oprah, POTUS, Connie Britton, Michelle Obama, Amy Poehler, Shonda Rhimes, Billie Jean King...and the list goes on and on), plus 5,000 women from all over the country convening in one place to talk about our collective favorite topic: women!!!!
Collision Conference, a tech conference from the producers of Web Summit, moved towards their 2016 event in New Orleans, La. with an intentional women in tech initiative in place as their small way of increasing female participation in the industry.
The incident at the Xbox afterparty at the Game Developers Conference (GDC16) this week is more than unfortunate, it's completely unacceptable. There is no other way to describe it. While Microsoft's apology is a good start, it shouldn't end there.
While we know there remains significant work to be done, I believe that women are already empowered to make a difference and to bring about change. We need to highlight their accomplishments and achievements so they serve as a beacon for other women and girls.
In recent years, companies in Silicon Valley have been under intense focus as the call grows louder for more diverse and inclusive work environments where everyone -- particularly women and other underrepresented minorities -- can innovate and thrive.