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Most of my weekends are spent doing errands, exercising, watching movies, visiting with friends and catching up on sleep.
From cuttingly clever videos critiquing street harassment to downright offensive ones equating the female vote with wedding dress shopping (yes, that happened), 2014 ran the gamut between commendable and despicable.
2014 was one of the most tumultuous years ever for women in gaming culture: Here's how we improve.
Most of the time, the media seems to care just about beauty and fortune. What happened to valuing intelligence?
While some dismiss this growing problem of online harassment as simply harmless male trolls spewing their venom, such abuse is driving women journalists off the web. Why the differential between threats to women and men? The answer lies in persistent stereotypes about women, power and speech.
The Wall Street Journal's opinion columnists have some very specific ideas about men, women and the way each gender does
A newly released report confirms the still-dismal state of women's representation in the news industry. The majority of opinion
It's been quite the year for women in the media. Some things, like the popularity of "Orange Is The New Black" and Sweden's
25-year-old Alexandra Petri at the Washington Post is holding down the fort as the only woman under 35 on this list. Alexandra
"Orange Is The New Black," Netflix's newest hit show, has been widely acclaimed for its dynamic representations of diverse
Instead of marketing products by insulting both men and women, it would be great if Axe could learn from highly successful
Former ABC News President David Westin joins HuffPost Live to talk about why there are so few women in newsrooms.
Creating more of these characters is not just a matter of securing dynamic on-screen talent (although, getting Melissa McCarthy
To combat this, Russell dreamed up a platform for people to share what they had to say. In March 2013, she launched Interrupt
Fifty years ago, it was almost impossible to find a female journalist in most testosterone-filled news organizations. And
Western standards of beauty are not universal standards of beauty. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and each one of us has a different standard of what is beautiful.
I am all for freedom of speech and expression, but why do I need to have boobs in my face and the face of my kids at the GROCERY STORE?
The girls of The Carrie Diaries are loyalists to each other even as they struggle with their own sense of burgeoning identity and the choices (and consequences) that arise as they grapple with the awareness of their feminine power.
We watch females on sitcoms, romantic comedies, news programming and movies for cues on how to be a woman. But we don't get a lot of information around how to be a strong, resilient woman in the media or anywhere else -- unless we know to look for it.
In yet another display of Not Letting Women Rest Until They Are Dead And Buried, the blogosphere and legitimate news outlets