Women In The Military

A "men's rights" group argues the Military Selective Service Act violates the equal-protection clause in the Constitution.
“It’s OK to turn the insult into an educational moment,” JoAnn Ortloff said.
The lieutenant is expected to graduate from the grueling Infantry Officer Course on Monday.
One of the lessons we share in the trainings and programs we provide at The DATE SAFE Project is that “Human beings are wired
It had bipartisan support, but some Republicans just didn't like the idea of sending daughters into war.
"PTSD isn’t necessarily focused on the weak or the strong."
For those of us who are not elected officials, voting and volunteering for campaigns are among the most important actions we can take. This year, we have the opportunity to change the course of women's health care in this country for a generation.
The presumptive Democratic nominee addressed a number of foreign and domestic topics.
Look at that, Republicans and Democrats actually agree on this one.
The National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, is the book of books when it comes to defense spending. And the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) is the first body in Congress to craft the annual defense bill into what will become passable legislation.