Women Of The Wall

“The policy is a direct transgression of the law preventing discrimination.”
Israel’s physical security is critical, but it is not the only security we need.
The Women of the Wall challenged these rules in October 2014, with a reading from a miniature Torah scroll brought in through
JERUSALEM (RNS) Comedian Sarah Silverman made a rare appearance in the middle of a hot political dispute Thursday (Dec. 18
The ad campaign, the first of its kind, features Israeli girls wearing a prayer shawl and holding a Torah scroll in front
I would like to hear their promise of support, now, rather than hear reports of their moral outrage later. I would like those who are signing the plan to insist that their participation in an aspect of it is contingent upon official decriminalization women's group prayer at the Kotel.
2013 was a huge year for religion news. The HuffPost Religion editorial team identified these top ten religion stories of the year.
The rise of those who don’t identify with any religion will continue to be an important story for years to come. This year
Being Jewish is not just about being Jewish my way. While I choose to pray only in spaces where there are no divisions based on gender, I know there are Jews for whom such a division is essential. And not just men.
This was a hate crime fueled by hatred of women. I'm furious about it and at the narcissistic, self-righteous people that
I suspect that many people are not aware that leaders of Judaism's Conservative and Reform movements, as well as Jewish Federations
How can we call for more women to represent us if we don't even know who is already sitting there? We know about Tzipi Livni and we know about Yitzhak Molcho, who are leading the talks for the Israeli side, but that is pretty much it.
Earlier today, on October 10th, 2013, this statement was issued by Women of the Wall (WOW) in Jerusalem and in the Diaspora. It states that WOW is not going to compromise for a site that is not the Kotel--even if that site is dubbed "The Wall," or close enough to "The Wall." Here is our statement.
Although women have been granted the right to wear tallitot at the Wall, the future for a pluralistic Judaism there is dubious in light of the Mendelblit plan. Yet Hallel Abramowitz-Silverman is optimistic.
For the first time since their inception in 1988, the women's prayer group will be holding a Selichot service at the Western
If we only look at Israel from one end of the spectrum, or one part of the prism, with regard to a mass multitude of religious, cultural and social issues, we are not allowing ourselves to see a true picture.
This week, we are immersed in the days leading up to the most mournful day in the Jewish calendar, Tisha B'Av, which marks the destruction of both Temples in Jerusalem and the horrific degradation and loss of life that were wrought.
1. Israeli Rabbi of the Ramot Zion community, Chaya Baker, puts on Tefilin, also known as Phylacteries, at a synagogue in
I think the shakeup at the Western Wall is one of the best things to happen to Israel in decades. It's a popular uprising for change, for real democracy.