Women Of The Wall

“The policy is a direct transgression of the law preventing discrimination.”
Israel’s physical security is critical, but it is not the only security we need.
A group of Jewish women in Jerusalem challenged gender regulations at the Western Wall on Monday by reading from a full-sized
It was the first time women have lit the menorah at the site and it came after the rabbi in charge of the Western Wall refused
The ads were posted Sunday (Oct. 12) on public buses following last week’s High Court decision against the state and the
I would like to hear their promise of support, now, rather than hear reports of their moral outrage later. I would like those who are signing the plan to insist that their participation in an aspect of it is contingent upon official decriminalization women's group prayer at the Kotel.
2013 was a huge year for religion news. The HuffPost Religion editorial team identified these top ten religion stories of the year.
5. Women Of The Wall (And Other Women In Religion) While LGBT people have a long way to go before attaining full equality
Being Jewish is not just about being Jewish my way. While I choose to pray only in spaces where there are no divisions based on gender, I know there are Jews for whom such a division is essential. And not just men.