women of worth

Troubled by the horror of child exploitation and shocking statistics - 300,000 children are sexually abused in the United
This taboo around menstruation causes people to associate periods with weakness. A week in their month where girls feel emotionally
I realize that I can be a bit naïve and prejudice about the youth I serve, but when you have a 13 year old come to you and
When she became homeless at 15, she decided to take action.
It only occurred to me after we hung up, my company could help her, or any woman who was undergoing cancer treatments, by
Yes, I have a child with autism that has not only allowed me to see first-hand inside the world of children with complex
Can you imagine your doctor calling on a Friday afternoon with the diagnosis of mesothelioma -- a fatal form of cancer -- and
Last year, Build Futures assisted 255 young people, subsidizing housing for 108 of them. So far this year, 86 have been provided
You could say that my fight for innocence was passed down to me at an early age from my father, the late Hank Asher. He was
Our Mission: To gift an expense paid week vacation to Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Women and their families. To give