women on money

A Smithsonian curator notes how a heavy dose of social activism prompted the U.S. Treasury to honor historic social and political movements
The $10 note, which now honors the first Treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton, happens to be next in line for Treasury
The Treasury Department plans to seek public input on which woman should replace Alexander Hamilton, the nation's first treasury
Last month, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew dodged a question from a reporter asking whether he would support putting a woman
The bill, introduced on Equal Pay Day, is pegged to the "Women on 20s" campaign, which seeks to put a woman's face on the
Money, like statues, holidays and postage stamps, is a form of public media that speaks particularly to what we, as a culture, think is important to note and admire. Women and their contributions remain either hugely underrepresented or, in the case of paper money, erased.