women on money

A Smithsonian curator notes how a heavy dose of social activism prompted the U.S. Treasury to honor historic social and political movements
Most surveys report a margin of error that represents some, but not all, potential survey errors. YouGov's reports include
However, CNN reported in March that the $10 bill was actually the one due for an overhaul by 2020. A woman will be featured
However, President Barack Obama has appeared receptive to the proposal. In a speech last summer, he mentioned that a fourth
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) introduced a bill Tuesday that, if passed, would direct Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to take
Money, like statues, holidays and postage stamps, is a form of public media that speaks particularly to what we, as a culture, think is important to note and admire. Women and their contributions remain either hugely underrepresented or, in the case of paper money, erased.