Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

This week we embrace the stereotype of the fast-talking, Spanish-speaking, over-dramatic woman, inspired by Pedro Almodóvar’s
Instead of getting depressed about how they don't write 'em like they used to, here's an even dozen shows from the era of Chicago up through the '00s that Encores! might consider in the future.
"But the character is also a metaphor," Banderas says. "He is a monster but he is also an artist. Life gives him the ability to create identities, to change identities."
NOTE: Michael Giltz was provided with free tickets to the show in previews with the understanding that he would be writing
2010-11-05-women.jpgThough this production is Sher's handiwork, he has been exceedingly faithful to the film, both in its frothy style, a hybrid of stage and film, and its spirit.
what parts would a Hollywood bound Hillary get? I'll now offer a few suggestions on ideal remake vehicles for the former First Lady.
Women on verges of nervous breakdowns tend to exhibit similar characteristics especially when the cause, as it often is, is men not paying enough attention.