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If you find the 2 tests in the video above reveal your bra may not be holding your chest to the right level, not to worry
Madame President, I trust you have had enough setbacks in your life to smooth out any rough edges--but not enough to put
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I adore social media because I am, at heart, a social creature. Meeting and interacting with new people, especially women, is a favorite activity of mine. I thrive on it!
When I was 13, I went to the airport with my parents to pick up a relative or friend - I don't remember who it was. As I walked through the airport slightly behind my parents, a total stranger walked past me and grabbed my crotch. I couldn't believe it at first; I thought maybe it was an accident or I was mistaken. A few minutes later, however, the man reappeared and did it again.
Which leads me to an important observation: Relationships come in many forms. And relationships are not always about people
Ultimately, it's ageist to think that one silver-haired UK size 8/10 5ft 10 Caucasian model is good enough to speak out to
Taking the time for quiet reflection, journaling and making art are all ways that one can tune into oneself and listen for
I'm writing this as a self-reminder, although I'm sure you guys could use one too.
Ask yourself: Can I let go of my hurt and my anger? I have a best friend. We became friends when we were six years old. We
My son got married a few weeks ago. However, what should have been a weekend of unadulterated delight was filled with moments of sadness. Not because I don't like his new wife or because I'm estranged from my son -- no, I was unhappy because my ex-husband invited his girlfriend.
I was 22 years old, married and already a mother. I can recollect every emotion I felt the day I gazed at a long table overflowing
The reason I started writing the blog for the Huffington Post was to promote our web series ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE. Our goal was to post a new episode of the series with a new blog every week. I'm sorry, I can't write a great, funny blog every week.
I saw it on Facebook, where I trip over all sorts of things that make me crazy. Especially during this election season where the main lesson I've learned is that screaming at the idiotic statements people make about candidates doesn't really help.
Don't underpay me or talk down to me, you do that at your own peril, but it's perfectly fine to hold the door so it doesn't slam in my face. I believe those things are mutually exclusive.
I don't give a damn if you call me old. It's one of at least five things I no longer give a damn about. You know why? Because no longer caring about things that once made me crazy is a perk of age.
So, as another season of my life comes to a close and the realization of turning 60 on my next birthday hits me and the sadness and grief of those lost dreams and hopes seem to keep playing in my mind to the point of ... AWWWW HELL! LIFE IS GOOD!
Why do I share photos of myself doing yoga on Instagram? Am I trying to show off? Am I desperately seeking attention? While I'd like to believe that is not the case, the truth is there is probably some of that!
"The only thing that's withering over time is the tired, outdated way society has been treating older women."