women photographers

Photographer Zaza Bertrand documents the erotic hideaways.
Intrigued by a subculture few had access to, Yana Toyber documented the seedy but beautiful world backstage.
“I hope that I show an honest record of my personal situation with a mentally ill, substance-abusing parent,” photographer Melissa Spitz explained.
“Women have been fundamental to the art of photography since, well, there were photographs."
"Acknowledging that we are not separated from our surroundings can be a way to make the most out of the world around us!"
"I wanted to show another side of wearing the hijab, one that portrays ninja-like qualities; power, grace, beauty."
Patricia Willocq's photos communicate the profound beauty in difference.
"A bad gal is free to define themselves as long as it doesn't cut down or oppress another bad gal." Amen.
As for what's next for Fox, she wants to continue an investigation of American subcultures, and is "fascinated by a community
Rachel Cox set out to forge a connection with her grandmother, through photography, before it was too late.