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Because who doesn't turn to the sex scandal-soaked former prime minister of Italy for advice on women?
As longtime observers and analysts of women's political progress, we look forward to seeing how a gender-forward election season unfolds. Instead of clichés and easy headlines about pantsuits and catfights, we must see serious and nuanced discussion, drawing on a growing body of research about gender in politics.
As the long election campaign in the United States begins to grind into motion, there is a greater chance than ever before
From the U.S.'s first black female congresswoman, to a blind and trans Parliamentary candidate in England, to a bikini contest-winning Serbian councilwoman and cardiologist, the most remarkable female politicians of the year are united by a few key attributes: fearlessness, tenacity, and sharp political savvy.
Since then, women have made many strides in the political arena. The current Congress contains a record number of women: 20
WASHINGTON -- "Southern women are different," says Garden & Gun, the cheeky lifestyle magazine out of Charleston, S.C. "They're
"It’s far too early to suggest female politicians ought to change their campaigns or styles of self-presentation, and much
Narrative is a deeply engrained cultural process that defines, inflicts and enforces taboos against ambitious women. The narrative of a mom heading off to Harvard Law School was never going to fly.
When female candidates are running for office, is the media coverage different? Since articles about a male Senator's tie
However: "The midnight deadline passed without a vote being taken," reports School. Instead, the chair held a vote AFTER
However, a new study published in European Journal of Social Psychology in May 2013 claims that the rising number of women
Inside and outside the political parties, women are the movers and shakers from the local to the national level. They provide the special connection to the voters that have moved the State of Colorado forward in its politics.
We benefit when women win. Women make good public officials: They care, they collaborate, and they fight for their communities. Congratulations, second district, for making a good decision for all of us.
We must make it a priority to empower young girls with the idea that they have just as much of a place in leadership as their male counterparts, in politics and beyond.
Women, still judge other women -- simply put, continue to be judged against the standards initiated and maintained by men. And because many women therefore know quite well what it's like to feel judged, they then turn that judgment back on one another.
When men do speak to managing family and work, it’s often couched in lovey-dovey thankfulness for the devoted wife (on whom
I am proud to live in a state where both of our Senators and 19 of the 53 Congressional Representatives are women.Compared to the rest of the country, California is far ahead in electing female politicians to federal office.
Politics is where the power is, so if women desire that power, why does testosterone consume the room when it is time to affect change?
Today, as women represent more than 50 percent of the population, and after more than 90 years of having the right to vote, why are we not seeing an increasing number of women in politics, either running for office or in policy making?