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Because who doesn't turn to the sex scandal-soaked former prime minister of Italy for advice on women?
As longtime observers and analysts of women's political progress, we look forward to seeing how a gender-forward election season unfolds. Instead of clichés and easy headlines about pantsuits and catfights, we must see serious and nuanced discussion, drawing on a growing body of research about gender in politics.
As the long election campaign in the United States begins to grind into motion, there is a greater chance than ever before
From the U.S.'s first black female congresswoman, to a blind and trans Parliamentary candidate in England, to a bikini contest-winning Serbian councilwoman and cardiologist, the most remarkable female politicians of the year are united by a few key attributes: fearlessness, tenacity, and sharp political savvy.
Since then, women have made many strides in the political arena. The current Congress contains a record number of women: 20
WASHINGTON -- "Southern women are different," says Garden & Gun, the cheeky lifestyle magazine out of Charleston, S.C. "They're
"It’s far too early to suggest female politicians ought to change their campaigns or styles of self-presentation, and much
Narrative is a deeply engrained cultural process that defines, inflicts and enforces taboos against ambitious women. The narrative of a mom heading off to Harvard Law School was never going to fly.
When female candidates are running for office, is the media coverage different? Since articles about a male Senator's tie
However: "The midnight deadline passed without a vote being taken," reports School. Instead, the chair held a vote AFTER