women senators

All but two Democratic women in the Senate will attend next month's event.
Hagan netted more support from women, men and independent voters before the November election, while Tillis did better with
If a ticket of two women offers economic revival and transformational change based on financial justice championed by Pope Francis, the most popular figure on the world stage, support from women would be stratospheric and many men would join them.
With the federal government at shutdown's door, the 20 female Senate members are setting new standards for civility and bipartisanship
We hope they take some of our suggestions for what this new bathroom should contain (such as a baby-changing station) -- and
Adding women to our legislative democracy can make Congress work better. We would never see the partisan game-playing that horrifies us if half the members of Congress were women. And certainly those who abuse women... or allow it to continue... would be held accountable.
Yes, women have moved beyond the title of "secretary" but we haven't reached our full governmental stride where the title "Madam Secretary" is commonplace. With all the movement in the women's movement, the time is ripe to change that.
"I said, 'As you put together your agenda for this term, if you want a bipartisan, core group of people to start moving legislation
November's election resulted in a record number of women in the Senate - a total of 16 Democrats and four Republicans. Tuesday's
WASHINGTON -- You wouldn't know it by watching Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) on the Senate floor Thursday, but history was