By: Elizabeth Palermo, LiveScience Staff Writer Published: 01/15/2015 10:56 AM EST on LiveScience "Other researchers have
But posting a non-sexy profile may make women miss out on "social rewards," like attention from potential romantic partners
When I launched Lady Geek in 2010 it was an incredibly daunting prospect. I had a cause that I believed in -- making the technology industry more accessible to women -- but when it came to getting our voice heard I had to start completely from scratch
Silver Medalists Qualifying criteria: Silver twags are excessive. The twagger shares that she has recently been on a tropical
Does it surprise you that women and men lean toward specific websites? And do you think men are still considered the "dominant
I'm told at least weekly how an entrepreneur's website is "so simple even your mom could figure it out," a comment usually followed by a sarcastic eye roll and wry smile. (Well, har har. I'll have you know my mom is a Skype master, inseparable from her iPad, and a digital-photo editing savante.)
To women, the name of the professional networking site that is all the rage should really be LinkedOut. While more and more
On the other hand, according to a study by the Social Technology Review, women have an average of 55% more wall posts than