women vs. men

It’s a natural quality for women to nurture, and we should hold on to that generosity of spirit.
"They bring so much less stupid, egotistical, emotional baggage."
On average, women in the United States spend more time sleeping than men every day of the week, the biggest difference being
There is no doubt that the U.S. economy is being buoyed by women entrepreneurs. Every time a new business is launched money is distributed to a variety of vendors required to get the company up and running. So why are women entrepreneurs seen and spoken about differently than male entrepreneurs?
Despite feminism's reluctance to associate biological differences with social and psychological ones, this new study indicates that these differences are intimately related.
Women were found to be better at some types of "real world" multitasking, as well. In a set of two experiments, psychologists
College women are drinking more alcohol than is good for them -- and they are doing it more often than their male counterparts
Let's just call it like it is. Women take pain, panic, worry, anger, hurt and fear without missing a beat and all the while, wearing a smile.
"From team sports, men also learn that it's all right to get angry at each other -- women should take a lesson from them
By Corrie Pikul We're not saying we're better -- or even stronger -- than our male counterparts, but we do have certain advantages
Sixty-four percent of single men say they are more productive at work when they are in a relationship, compared with less
My caller ID shows it’s the 59th call from the same online university telemarketer. I politely requested they remove me from