women workers

Women of color have changed the world through their resilience and fortitude to never settle for less.
The person who may have been there the longest is the woman who walks you to your car and helps you load your groceries. I think of her title as The Woman in the Parking Lot. I'm guessing she's now in her forties. I'm also guessing that she makes minimum wage plus tips.
Last week, Vice co-founder and conservative jerk Gavin McInnes threw a sexist temper tantrum on HuffPo Live, insisting that
The woman is the pillar of the family and, by extension, is the cornerstone of society. However, she receives little support and recognition, and in addition to educating and training future citizens, we now demand many other things from her as well.
While this increasingly common practice may seem (and objectively is) extreme, it is occurring in a society that still enforces
Bad news for low-wage workers: according to a new study released by The National Employment Law Project on July 9th, the
What a better time than this, National Poetry Month, to enter another sort of discussion: the common space poems create for reflection -- on the challenges we face, the choices we make, and the invaluable importance of all women do.
“Typically what you get in recessions is that the wage gap shrinks because things like overtime disappear and nobody gets
Ladies’ free labor is just one of the many consequences of the gender wage gap. Women make $434,000 less than men on average
In addition to making less money than men in comparable jobs, women are also more likely to end up doing low-paying work