womens body issues

It's okay to take an "it is what it is" approach to the parts of your body that you're not so happy with. Send that part of your body lots of love. Tell that part of your body you love her because she is you and you're pretty awesome.
I'm a cancer survivor, and during chemotherapy, I lost every strand of hair on my head. When chemo starts, it's not as if every hair on your head falls out simultaneously.
And therein lies the real issue: We live in a world where the female body is the ultimate arbiter of worth. Tying the solution
Just because Seyfried knows she doesn't need "those abs" that we constantly see in the media, doesn't mean that those images
As women, we must be open to the idea that our messages of inspiration are in need of an upgrade. Our words matter greatly and unless we're willing to be challenged in how we communicate, we serve no one but ourselves.
Are you pear-shaped? How about apple or hourglass? The fashion industry has labeled female shapes using cutesy terms to help women buy what's right for their bodies. Are these labels helpful or another way to body shame?
"A woman's shape can't be translated into an inanimate object or piece of fruit."
"Excuse me, Miss? if I asked you to participate in a fitness class right now, in broad daylight, in the middle of Union Square Park in a sports bra, would you do it?"
I set a private, personal goal for myself to face my biggest fear of revealing my midriff. Why was this so scary? What was I trying to hide? I challenged myself to teach one of my SoulCycle classes wearing only a sports bra.
I feel attacked. I am mentally under siege by the constant mention of plastic surgery in the media. I can't help but ask -- why are we now bombarded by articles of who's had work done or the newest procedure?
My body and I have a long history together and it wasn't until recently that I recognized the true friendship and loyalty she has unrelentingly given me.
Women's bodies are the alpha and the omega of women's rights and women's dignity, the sine qua non and the front line of everything we have won over the past fifty years.
We are so much more than what's on the outside -- so why can't we just accept it and move happily into the next chapter? Why can't we internalize our older face?
The fact is that most guys like the curvier form of so-called "average" women. That's because they don't look like they'd snap like a dry twig if guys tried to cuddle with them.