womens day

'Women's Day' is on March 8th, and celebrates equality between the men and women. This is a very serious day in China, where every Chinese woman expects to be treated extremely well on this day by her entourage, family, company and her husband.
Today is International Women's Day, a day that in so many ways represents the start of our BYOS story. On this day three years ago my little bar of SUCCESS, which has since been shared over 4,000 times across the globe, was unveiled to a roomful of Irish businesswomen.
Pope Francis made a statement recently, where he told men to be less macho and listen more to women. Why did he make this statement? Was he underlining the truth of basic man-woman equality, and hinting that the world needs to ''listen more?"
"Walk down any street, or into any government office, business or university, and you have to ask yourself, 'Where are the women?'"
On this International Women's Day, as we celebrate the achievements of women around the world, we must remember that without control over their own bodies and without choices about if, when, and how often to have children, the scope and breadth of women's ambitions is ultimately, and irrevocably, limited.
How did Eve repay Adam for his sacrifice in the scriptures? By leading him to the fall from grace. From the very beginning then, women are not only subordinate to men - their humanity is somehow lesser than that of man, being as they are just a little piece of him.
Gale said that he hopes the video will bring awareness to wage inequality. Introducing "Amazon Prime for Women:" A service
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“The old saying, 'think globally, but act locally,' still applies,” Noreen Farrell, executive director of Equal Rights Advocates
No, these women aren’t getting their panties in a bunch. They’re just getting the world to listen. “In order to celebrate
Picture a world where every woman is empowered. Where she never hesitates, never falters, never waivers in her confidence and belief in herself.
Education is the key for young girls all over the world to grow up and do great things. In the words of Alice Walker, "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking that they don't have any."
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The ability to control whether and when to have a child are key to the physical, social and economic health of women and families, and access to legal, safe and affordable birth control and abortion are essential to guarantee that ability.