Women's Gymnastics

The members of the "Fierce Five" have been everywhere since returning from the London Olympics, making an appearance at the
Check out our gallery for 10 of our Olympian TV casting suggestions, including Maroney. Watch Letterman, Maroney and her
Children of divorce tell amazing stories. Not the expected accounts of dysfunctional parents and constant fighting, but stories of emotional survival.
U.S. gymnast Alexandra Raisman performs on the balance beam during the artistic gymnastics women's apparatus finals at the
At the penultimate moment when everything was on the line, Gabby Douglas receded into her own mind. And with complete concentration and single-mindedness she exultantly flew through the air like magic -- and made history.
Before this week's gold-winning performance by the U.S. women's team, only one African-American female had ever earned an
Forgive my heretical thoughts even while I oooo and ahhhh over all the results of the hard-work, determination and dedication: Maybe the Olympic Games don't only emblemize the sea-to-shining-sea America of our dreams. Maybe they reveal our dark side as well.
Not long after the backlash began, Gabby's gymnastics fans came to her virtual rescue: The debate over black hair has clearly
"I like to hang out with my friends, especially my friends from school, because I don't get to see them as often. We like
"We've got spirit, how 'bout you?" is what we assume McKayla Maroney was saying to the Russian gymnasts in her head as the
The oldest member of the United States Olympic women's gymnastics team is only 18, but what the five team members lack in age, they make up for in competition experience, talent, and ambition.
I had waited my whole life for this, and now I couldn’t wait to be done with the Olympics, so that I could be done with the Karolyis.
I spent the weekend at the Olympic gymnastic trials in San Jose, where I got a chance to talk to legendary gymnasts Carly Patterson and Shannon Miller.
When you watch Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman perform, it's easy to forget that she's an 18-year-old high school student who
Bricker shared her Facebook photos with The Huffington Post for inclusion in this story. Photos of Moceanu courtesy of her
As American youth sports become increasingly competitive, centralized training systems modeled on the success of communist sport, but driven by American capitalism, seem destined to develop further.
Reality television show producers proudly note they invented the concept of competing in skimpy outfits for glory and lucrative contracts way before the Olympics did.