Women's Health

"I had been bleeding internally for five days before anyone figured it out."
One Size Doesn't Fit All When It Comes To Women's Health.
"There is a fraught history of centuries of women’s bodies mocked, minimized, disparaged, or even ignored."
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From handheld fans to cooling towels, doctors say these things will make travel easier.
This painful women's health condition is shrouded in silence and misconceptions.
Like many great things in life, sex has a not-so-glamorous side. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are the uncomfortable (and sometimes painful and ugly) side effect of getting your freak on.
The Missouri Democratic congresswoman has shared her own story getting an abortion after she was raped as a teenager.
Democrats are hoping the renewed effort to codify abortion rights will help galvanize voters ahead of the November midterm elections.
The "How I Met Your Father" star told Women’s Health that the photos you see on magazine covers involve makeup and angles — and she's no exception.