women's history

Joan of Leeds reportedly tricked her fellow nuns into burying a dummy in her place and ran away from her York convent.
We are living through a seminal moment in American history.
San Francisco was an enormously cultural city, rich with opera, theater and classical music. Josephine frequently attended
Efforts to improve the status of women and girls cannot ignore the power of role models and the influence of knowing American
The historic significance of voting for the first woman nominee to run for president of a major party has been somewhat subjugated
Betty Mae Tiger Jumper was the first woman Chief of a major Native American tribe. As leader of the Florida's Seminole tribe, she brought modern medicine to her community, promoted preservation of tribal culture, and guided a bankrupt tribe to solvency.
During my seven years in DC, Sewall-Belmont house has been a very special place for me. It was where I first met with women leaders over lunch to discuss history of the suffrage movement and what today's fight for gender equity looks like.
These women have pushed the feminist conversation forward. Here's what it's done for them.