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If the woman's march has done something I hope it has awakened us to the fact that we have to stand united. That we are one
And fun. Do you take time to see and feel and observe what's going on? This past Saturday, my family and I adopted a dog
I haven't listed anything to do with the pay gap, the glass ceiling or how media, advertising and the fashion industry keep
But they need our help. When asked how easily they can make changes in their lives, most of the young women we polled had
Apply for [and Win] Award Recognition to Build Credibility There may be some pressure to achieve this, but the harder you
You can tell yourself that you are a supporter, i.e., you support and lift up those around you. You don't compete with them
The smell of freshly baked pumpkin spice chocolate chip muffins. One of my holiday specialties. When you open the front door
Enduring the Unthinkable If you're Tina Chéry, you channel those intense emotions into finding solutions and working to stop
Businesses will do what they need to do to be successful and progressive companies will still be pushing the envelope to
Here's how two women entrepreneurs are overcoming these obstacles: And what does the new landscape look like? Women are forging
3. Artificial Intelligence will impact everything we do. Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO of IBM, discussed how
I'm not saying anything groundbreaking when I say the Entrepreneurial scene has really taken off over the past 5 years. This in turn has seen more and more women start and grow businesses, in Australia alone that increase has been phenomenal.
We know that talent of all sorts is valuable to an organization only when people feel free to bring their differences to
There's my laptop, my kindle, my Mac desktop, my iphone, my Facebook, my Twitter, my Instagram, my Pinterest, and dozens of podcasts I love. Not to mention my Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. All these things are great and helpful.
That's how the Save a Life campaign started. Over the next few months, the leadership team clearly communicated the facts
2. During this phone conversation you are going to ask one very important question: "Who do you know that might be interested
I believe that sisterhood among women is one of the first steps we can take toward pursuing our soulful mission in the world, and is vital to our continued success and feeling free, fulfilled, and in flow as 21st century women.
My research also shows that successful leaders have extensive preparation, like education and early career success, that
'I wonder what those chairs feel like.' The musing was voiced by a teenaged girl from Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis.